The first European producer and distributor of ice vending machines

QUICKICE is the first European producer and distributor of ice vending machines and a remote management system. We started as a distributor in 2012, but after field testing in Europe, we knew we could create better solutions. Work on our prototype began in 2017. Thanks to extensive R&D, generous financial backing, a state-of-the-art manufactory and a dedicated team, 2018 marks the start of global sales of our own innovative, all-new ice vending machines.


  • Ice maker – Plug-n-play Ice-O-Matic?280 – 400 kg / 24h  |  620 – 890 lbs / 24h
  • Cooling system – Air Cooled and Water Cooled
  • Type of coolant – R404A, 650 – 1077 g  |  1.4 – 2.2 lbs
  • Ice cube type – Full / half cubes: 22 mm and 31 mm  | 7/8 in  and 1 1/4 in
  • Ice bin capacity – 60 – 80 kg  |  130 – 180 lbs
  • Ice production optimization – Yes
  • Ice quality control – Anti-sticking and cube separator device
  • Water dispensing – Yes
  • Option for bagless operation – Yes
  • Packaging system – Manual – standard close and zip close bagging
  • Number of bags – up to 1500 pieces
  • Bag graphics and size customization – Yes
  • Payment options – MDB Coin changer and bill acceptor, Contactless and Barcode Reader
  • Operating panel – 7″ Touchscreen
  • Advertising – 32? LCD with Samsung’s MagicInfo solution / Lightbox
  • Security – Keyless access, heavy duty case, monitoring
  • Remote Audit / Monitoring / Management – QMS (Quickice Management System)
  • Water filtration system – Set of Everpure / 3M Filters
  • Antibacterial system – (3) UV-C lamps
  • Machine Construction – Modular for easy replacements or servicing
  • Machine Case – 100% stainless steel, insulated / Customizable with various options
  • Transportation – Built-in stainless steel pallet
  • Power type – 230V, PHASE 1, 50Hz, CLASS I   (110V optional)
  • Power consumption – 5.1 kWh Max, 22A
  • Operating temperature range – +10°C (50°F) –  +45°C (113°F)   ( SP Zone)
  • Work environment – Interior / Exterior
  • Water pressure – 1 – 6 bar
  • Machine Dimensions [W x D x H] – 104 x 114 x 218 cm  |  41 x 45 x 86 in
  • Machine Weight – 795 kg  |  1700 lbs
  • Product guarantee – 12 months standard / Optional extension

    Faster ROI than traditional ice cube sales. Thanks to 24/7 production, ice is always fresh and available. Machines installed directly at points-of-sale limit the costs of staff, logistics, warehousing and transportation. Environmentally-friendly with a lower carbon footprint than traditional ice distribution. Proper operation only requiresa good location and access to electricity and water sources.


    Plug-n-play Ice-o-matic? compatibility lets you choose from a range of ice makers with varying production capabilities and cube size options. Ice production automatically optimized based on sales patterns. Dispenses all ice from the bin, with added quality control giving customers only separated, well-formed cubes. Fast and accurate dispensingof client-chosen quantities of ice and water. Multiple bagging optionsdepending on location needs. Advanced purification system improves ice and water quality. 100% stainless steel shell, with multi-layer insulation eliminating corrosion and rust, indoors or outdoors. Fully configurable for a wide variety of worldwide payment options, including cash, contactless card payments and scanned codes, ideal for pre-paid purchases, promotions & free vends. Touch-panel settings operationsfor both client and service/maintenance actions. Customizable proprietary operating system to meet market/client needs. 2-way data-based communication allows every aspect to be remotely controlled through QMS Remote Management System, from audit to full management. Outsourced components from only the world?s most trusted brands. Specially designed additional features make service and maintenance simple, comfortable and safe. Optional Samsung MagicINFO screen makes it easy to create, manage, monitor, and schedule media content on your network displays. Sleek, modern designand eye-catching illumination, with customizable casing options.




Our QMS remote access management system is a complete solution to help streamline your business. Telemetry hardware paired with our web-based software or mobile app can remotely control every aspect of your vending business - from monitoring your vending machines to helping you keep track of the amount of stock to analyzing sales data and assigning user roles. And everything in between. When we say it?s a complete solution, we?re not exaggerating. Pretty much the only thing it doesn't do is give back rubs - but we're working on that. Online software can be accessed through any Internet browser or via our mobile app, wirelessly telling you about any aspect of any of your machines at any given time, not to mention the ability to generate reports on-the-spot for sales figures, individual machine or location figures, downtime reports, amount of product, history, supplier payments, maintenance activities, among countless other aspects. In addition, because you can customize each user?s role in QMS, your sensitive data stays safe, and the risk of human error is reduced. Our software also lets you generate work orders, issue invoices and manage payments, eliminating extra paperwork and saving you time.

    Over the past few years, we have been very fortunate in the team of partners that we have joined forces with, each highly skilled and successful in their fields ? from high level financial consulting to large scale industrial production and sales, each able to bring their own valuable experience to the table. In addition, R&D and production are expensive endeavors that would not have been possible without significant financial backing. Our years of hard work and diligence paid off in late 2014 when we partnered with Italian venture capital group, Zernike Meta Ventures, which has given us the opportunity to begin production of our machines, in addition to our other activities.


    KFK ZMV Thanks to generous funding from ZernikeMeta Ventures (ZMV), we at Quickice have been able to turn our dreams of developing our own proprietary ice vending machines into reality. ZMV is a holding company specializing in finance for innovation and new businesses creation. It is an Italian-Dutch joint venture between Zernike Group and META Group. Zernike and META have managed more than 200 million euro for the seed and start-up financing, investing between 200,000 and 1,000,000 euro in more than 250 companies and getting returns higher than the European sector average with 180 exits. EU logo The QMS ? Management Platform Project is also co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme Measure 8.2, ?Support for implementation of B2B e-business?Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

  • R&D

    After buying and installing machines we felt were not entirely meeting our expectations, we headed to the workshop. We assembled a team of highly skilled engineers, designers, constructors, and vending and other various experts, and we gutted the old machines down to the stainless steel shell. We then set to work completely redesigning each individual element ? mostly from scratch. The redesign process also inspired us to begin prototyping our own entirely proprietary ice and water vending machines. Thanks to generous funding from venture capitalists, we are using the highest quality components from globally recognized producers, together with our own patent-pending design solutions to create faster, more efficient, ergonomically superior machines that work ? even in a variety of weather conditions ? to produce the highest quality, clear, clean, fresh ice and water. We will be debuting our new Q1-Series machines in the very near future. Because our state-of-the-art machines deserve an equally advanced remote management system, in 2013 after securing EU grant money, we started developing a revolutionary remote access platform ? QMS ? that works not only with ice or water vending machines but with most any vending machine.


    It?s a simple as that. Purchase machines and start earning. Our Q1-Series machines will be available in mid 2018.


    Do you have the perfect spot with a lot of potential clients? Perhaps a revenue share is the right option for you. We can work with you to create the best option to fit your needs.


    We are always looking for the best companies to sell, service and support our machines. Contact us for more information.


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